The "Hits Convention Center," is the newest event space in the area of thick bush. We provide the best infrastructure for trade fairs, congresses, seminars, weddings, graduations and other events. Our team is prepared to make your event a success.
The Main Hall, was designed with a modern system of acoustic partitions, thus allowing simultaneous events make no sound reverberation, which can be divided as follows:

  • 02 rooms of 300 meters;
  • 01 room of 400 meters and one of 200 meters;
  • 03 rooms of 200 meters;
  • 04 rooms of 100 meters;
  • Main hall of 1600 meters.

The space also features:

  • 01 Foyer of 200 meters, where they can be made cocktails, coffee breack, brunch among others;
  • 01 kitchen support;
  • 01 pantry;
  • Space for reception;
  • 02 breakout rooms;
  • Large bathrooms.